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How did I start making bags?

I started commercially selling bags in 2007. Originally making bags for gifts, I was encouraged by friends to start selling them. I was then forced into it because my friend organised a party where she could sell her jewellery, and I was told to bring my bags along! I sold quite a lot, and then by word of mouth I've sold at other people's houses. Then it's grown into school communities, parents who want a bag, and friends of friends of friends!

Zebra Floral

Ladybirds (girl size)

Twilight (girl size)

Black and White Dimension

Horse And Pink Heart (girl size)

I go around and take fabrics that I think are lovely, and then spend a lot of time working out the best combinations. Because I always use multiple fabrics on the one bag this is the most important part. Then I'll cut up the fabrics into different widths and sew them together, combining fabrics that I think will work together well. Once I've done that I'll cut it into shape and add trims and buttons to further enhance the beauty of the bag.

Each bag is completely unique because of the way in which I combine different fabric designs and textures. I get fabrics from all different places! I tend to add trim to every seam join, so when two fabrics are joined together I'll add some trim that is complimentry to those fabrics. I also never work to a pattern - so no two things are the same! They're also all different shapes and sizes, depending on the trim.

Thanks very much for looking at my handbags - if you'd like to leave me a note please do so on my handbag blog.

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Unique, handmade and individual bags. Please contact me with any queries or check out my blog.

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